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Buckeye Blooms is a small family farm that specializes in high quality cut flowers that we grow utilizing sustainable practices. Our farm-based studio offers floral design services for weddings, events and special orders.  Buckeye Blooms is dedicated to providing unique and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional flowers.  We offer seasonal blooms--including many unusual, romantic, nostalgic and fragrant varieties that thrive in Ohio. Because our flowers come to you straight from our farm rather than a greenhouse half the world away, our blooms offer deep, vibrant colors, lasting beauty and the authentic fragrance of fresh flowers.


New Press:  Ohio Gardener Magazine, Slow Flowers  and the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association recently featured stories on Buckeye Blooms!  

Recent press  plus the popularity of the farm-to-table movement continue to fuel demand for local, seasonal sustainable flowers. We would love to grow and design flowers for your wedding or special event--please contact us to set up a free wedding flower consultation. We still have dates available in 2015!  

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